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Profitology Playbook

Best suited for start-up and scaling artists who are ready to build a business system that leads to profit, no matter what your day is filled with.

Here are just some of the things you'll learn:
  • Maximize Service Profitability
  • Strategic Pricing Techniques
  • Efficiency to Make Data-Driven Decisions
  • Financial Mastery Blueprint
  • Expense Management Expertise
Best suited for stylists needing to problem solve through 1-2 big topics, or a series of “pick my brain” questions.

1:1 Power Hour Sessions

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Best suited for scaling artists to see how a high level artist markets, communicates, and efficiently orchestrates a six figure clientele behind the chair. Customize your day from look and learn, to a custom 1:1 depending on the learning style you need.

Shadow Day Experience

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Intensive Mentorship

3 month intensive mentorship program customized to each individuals business. I work side by side with you in your business to scale your operations behind the business. Gain full communication access to work through anything you need as we work through modules from inventory, pricing, and client journey frameworks

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Inventory tracker and shopping list generator

Avoid overspending and forgetting your shopping list at the salon. Using my inventory tracker, you can ensure you reduce waste and only purchase what you need with a automatic digital shopping list.

What you'll get:
  • A Google sheet with pre entered data for most hairstylists color and supply needs
  • How-To tutorial on how to set-up and use sheet to meet your business needs
  • Inventory management tips
Learn my methodology that syncs cuts+colors into a time efficient and high impact system. Increase your wow factor and reduce your service times. In person options available, inquire to learn more about individual and group rates.

ColorSYNC Methodology

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