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Transform your career, boost your income, and master entrepreneurship

Empower your beauty business for success

Most courses on the market aren't answering your biggest questions:

How much product and time should I allocate for my services?

How can I meet my income goals while managing my work schedule?

How do I price and sell services to clients affordably without undervaluing my expertise?

How can I avoid overspending on retail or inventory?

With all these worries and numbers swirling in your head, you give up because you don't know where the heck to start.

do any of these thoughts feel familiar?

Unlocking success in your salon business

  • You feel overworked and underpaid
  • You struggle to keep up with all the businessy-stuff 
  • You do great hair, but you don’t know what you’re really making
  • After building a great clientele, you feel burnt out 
  • You’re afraid to raise your prices 
  • You have dreams of opening your own salon one day
  • You jumped into this industry because you saw the time and money freedom that came with it, only to discover out of beauty school you were left with gaps in your education

It's time you took control of your business

profitology playbook

For aspiring entrepreneurs and growing artists: Learn a business strategy for consistent daily profits, regardless of circumstances. 

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profitology playbook

shadow experience


Witness firsthand how I structure services for $1000 days with or without extended clientele, learn efficient color techniques, and master the psychology behind high rebook rates and minimal redo appointments.

shadow me

shadow experience



Intentional time prestrategized with an intake form to focus on 1-2 deep topics, or “pick my brain”, to gain access to the answers that have been evading you. 

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Customized mentoring packages assist stylists and salon owners in identifying blind spots, devising strategies, and providing ongoing support, culminating in a comprehensive summary call.

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Accelerate your skillset in seamlessly integrating cut and color designs for impactful looks, empowering stylists of all levels to curate unique styles without the burden of time-consuming techniques.

coming soon




Accelerate your skillset in seamlessly integrating cut and color designs for impactful looks, empowering stylists of all levels to curate unique styles without the burden of time-consuming techniques.

coming soon


more about jenny

Thirteen years ago, driven by a desire to excel, I embarked on my hairstylist journey, starting as an assistant to gain salon experience and technical skills. Despite setbacks, I became an Independent Contractor at 21, working tirelessly to build clientele and create an unforgettable experience. Utilizing social media and business courses, I honed my skills, focusing on profitability and efficiency, leading to the creation of "Girl Gone Bronde" in 2017.

Scaling up over three years, my income skyrocketed through effective systems and branding strategies, culminating in the opening of my own salon in 2020. Now, after selling my share of the successful salon, I run a thriving business grossing $14k/month, while balancing motherhood and career with creative solutions. With a wealth of experience, I share insights on branding, pricing, and client relations, empowering stylists locally and nationally.

A stylist's journey to entrepreneurial triumph

Transforming setbacks into opportunities

"I’ve been following Jenny since 2015. Jenny was the first local stylist I saw focus heavily on educational content! I like to do things with purpose and intention and I needed to speak to someone who’s been there, done that, and executed the plan. Strategizing and breaking down the process together took a lot of weight off my shoulders because I tend to overthink things. My favorite part of our call was chatting about her experience with mentorship. She’s understanding so I know she’ll be able to guide me throughout this journey. I will walk into my next path with confidence knowing I took the time to strategize and plan for it. You’re killing it!"

jenny took so much weight off my shoulders


"I met Jenny years ago at a network event. I’ve been following her for awhile and knew her style. Before our call I felt overwhelmed, and honestly just lack of motivation, fear of the unknown, fear of doubling down and putting in the work. I was really happy with our call. I got what I wanted/needed out of it which was seeing the exact breakdown of the “how to”. She was helpful and gave great verbiage."

I recommend and would book again!


“After our coaching call I felt empowered, confident, At ease knowing I have a guide and a plan to reach without feeling blind. I didn’t do things because I was fearful of things not working out. I needed advice from someone who had dealt, been through, and overcame things I was going through. The process was not overwhelming and I felt heard and understood”

i felt heard and understood


“Before our call I felt very scattered but no sure what I needed to be working on in my business. I needed guidance in my business. I chose to go straight to booth rental after school and grow blindly so I need structure to get me on track. It wasn’t that I lacked motivation or had fear, it was more so lack of direction. I can tell she is very structured and I have 0 structure nor have I been modeled structure- so I wasn’t sure how to structure my business. I feel guided to figuring out where I need to scale back so I can scale forward."

I feel guided to figuring out where I need to scale back


"Jenny took a chance on this stay at home mom; and because of her passion for excellence and her drive I was able to return to the industry with skills and business savvy. I am forever grateful for the guidance and lessons I learned working under her. I don't think I would be as confident behind the chair without her direction in getting back into the industry."

I am forever grateful for the guidance


”One of the best investments I could have made for myself, my team and my salon. Walking into 2024 with work/life time management skills, knowing my numbers, budgets, a new pay structure, a simplified menu structure for profit, education program layout, SO MANY TOOLS. I could go on for dayssss + a pretty cool new girl boss friendship & connection. If you’re struggling in your business, this is worth every penny. Actually I told her she need to be charging double next time for everything she taught + supported me on”

One of the best investments I could have made for myself



Streamline your business to make more time for the things you love

Everything you need

Teaching you the things beauty school didn't

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Meet Jenny, your new business bestie and stylist educator helping stylists feel empowered in their business.